In today’s global marketplace, California Community Colleges understand that working and learning is now the norm. California Community Colleges are able to provide a wide range of exceptional services for business and industry, individuals seeking short-term career training, self-improvement or personal interest options, and grant funded opportunities targeting regional economic improvement.

We are able to customize training that align with employer needs, whether it is skill building, credentials, certifications, certificates, or degrees. We focus on building human, financial, and economic capacity of the region’s employers. With input and support from the region’s employers, we stand ready to help define and provide learning requirements for your current workforce. In addition, we can provide training for a pipeline of future workers needed to move your organization forward with organizational succession planning efforts.

While curriculum is provided or dictated at the discretion of the employer, proven and successful education methodologies to instruct that curriculum are already in place with California Community Colleges. Workforce training utilizes lecture, activity, and hands-on instructional formats to encourage a “learning-by-experience” methodology that has proven successful with adult learners. In addition, customized training solutions can be created by our staff, faculty, or industry-experts with your organization’s input to best suit your training needs. Training can be conducted at a California Community College location or on-site at your organization.

The following workforce training options are available:

Technical • Communication & Influence • Interpersonal Development • Supervision & Leadership • Technology • And More…

California Community Colleges want to help you exceed your business or industry goals by providing efficient, cost-effective employee training that will maximize your organization’s potential. Provide the benefits of training for your workforce and see increased productivity, improved quality of work, higher levels of employee engagement, greater employee retention, and increase profits. Contact us today to see how we can partner together to get this accomplished now!

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